Posted On:  20/11/2017 12:26:19
The final round of O'pen BIC Tour, from 28th - 30th October at La Grande Motte in the south of France, was a fitting climax to the 2017 season, with some strong conditions and a talented field of 66 racers from France, Spain and Italy. It was not just the final round of the 2017 O'pen Tour, but also the end of the 2017 Euro Challenge. 
Posted On:  20/11/2017 12:02:05
The O'pen BIC sailboat is a breath of fresh air for junior sailing. Based on a modern skiff concept, the O'Pen BIC is very fast, very simple, and very FUN to sail! The self-bailing open transom hull is rapid and responsive, with a modern rig that's rugged and versatile.  
Posted On:  18/10/2017 14:13:06
The second round of the 2017 O’pen BIC Euro Challenge, which took place in Rimini in the principality of San Marino, was a full-house in every respect, setting a new record for the number of participants at this Challenge tour, started in 2016. More than 100 (101) competitors made the trip over. This reflects the increasing interest and enthusiasm European sailing clubs currently have for this kind of big O'pen BIC competition! 
Posted On:  13/10/2017 11:48:54
Exciting news!  Hawaii Kai Boat Club, Hawaii is hosting the Ring of Fire, Hot Spot Challenge, "The Barons Cup" from 27th March - 4th April 2018.  This is a mixed regatta including RS Feva and the 29er's, however the O'pen Bic will be the biggest fleet and therefore the main focus.  O'pen BIC Sailors from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Lahaina, Kaneohe, Lanai and US mainland are invited to compete in this regatta.
Euro Challenge - La Grande Motte
Posted On:  11/09/2017 11:54:37
Yacht Club de La Grande Motte in Montpelier, France will host the final round of the 2017 Euro Challenge from 27th-29th October.
Posted On:  10/08/2017 15:59:01
From the 6th to 8th October Club Nautico Rimini will host the next round of the 2017 Euro Challenge. This year's event is organised by O'pen Bic Class-Republic of San Marino. Notice of Race
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Video Action from 2017 O'pen BiC Worlds
Posted On:  30/08/2017 22::47 highlights of this year's championships ...

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