Posted On:  11/05/2017 12:04:28
All thirty-two O’pen BIC Qualifiers have now been selected for the America’s Cup Finals and the AC Endeavour O’pen, in Bermuda, June 15-18.  
Posted On:  31/03/2017 15:30:28
Eighty O’pen BICs participated in the North American Championships hosted by Sarasota Youth Sailing, March 17-19. Beautiful conditions allowed the completion of 14 races and the O'pen BIC Freestyle Challenge with 32 teams.  
Posted On:  23/02/2017 11:45:11
Great news!  Seventeen O'pen BIC sailors have now been selected to participate in the America's Cup Endeavour O'pen, held in conjunction with the America's Cup Finals, June 15-18 in Bermuda.  O’pen BICs will be The Half Time Show between Race #1 and Race #2 of the America's Cup Finals.   [more]
Posted On:  04/10/2016 12:26:34
Hi Sailors, Registration for the 2017 Forward Sailing Australian O'pen Cup is officially open! This year's Australian titles are being hosted at Henley Sailing Club from 4th - 9th January 2017.
Posted On:  11/07/2016 23:49
O’pen BIC is pleased to announce the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda, June 15-18, 2017, held in conjunction with the 35th America’s Cup Finals
O'Pen BiC Euro Challenge 2016 Lake Garda, Italy 28-30 Oct
Posted On:  16/07/2016 10:05/b>
This year's open BiC Euro Challenge is to be held at Lake Garda, Italy. More details to follow, but the notice of race can be found here.
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Video Action from 2016 O'pen BiC Worlds
Posted On:  01/12/2016 00:01:40 highlights of this year's championships ...

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