The objective of the O'pen Bic class is to provide an exciting format of dinghy racing for young people.

The O'pen Bic Class Association (OBCA) strives to promote and manage O'pen Bic Class competition at an International and Continental level and represent the interest of the owners and their National Associations.

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"O’pen BIC has celebrated its 10th birthday this year, along with the production of its 8,000th boat. Designed specifically for juniors, our little dinghy has blown a big breath of fresh air through the sailing world, close to the new-generation skiff concept, very fast and very simple. 100% open, auto-emptying, rapid and responsive, with an up-to-date versatile rig, the O'Pen BIC offers kids a machine that delivers maximum fun while helping them learn the skills and reflexes to enjoy racing on current, high-performance equipment. Hundreds of sailing clubs around the world have opted for the O'Pen BIC, giving them a new, fun way of teaching sailing and appealing to youngsters already into other board and sail sports.

In the regatta situation, the O’pen BIC has also ruffled the feathers of the traditional race scene, with race formats and rules vastly more innovative than other disciplines : instant judging and refereeing during the race, no appeals, adventurous course layouts encouraging a variety of sailing skills...

At international level, the class is more action-packed than ever, with an ever-increasing calendar of international regattas and events. This summer's World Championships in Quiberon, France, brought together 205 racers from 15 countries. Our best ever entry. In our homeland of Europe there are more and more participants and competitions : many nations are seeing a rapid growth of O'Pen BIC fleet and taking advantage of that dynamic to encourage more and more young converts to sailing.

Some of the national championships offer a totally innovative take on competition sailing. UN Regattas in America and Australia are great examples, mixing a cocktail of anything-goes freestyle sessions with classic regatta racing, with the emphasis on fun as well as finesse.

And that's exactly the competition style O'Pen BIC will be presenting at the forthcoming Americas Cup in Bermuda. The Americas Cup organizers and competitors already love the O'Pen BIC concept, and the VERY lucky 32 youngsters who make the Bermuda trip are going to love every second!"

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Providing that New Age Fun Alternative

With about 8,000 O’pen BICs out there, this snazzy youth singlehander has been providing an alternative since its launch 10 years ago. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checks in with brand promoter Nevin Sayre for an update.

Give us a State of the Union on class activity.

There are now 150 sailing programs in North America with O’pen BICs. More and more sailing programs are successfully adding alternative exciting pathways to stoke youth passion for sailing. Let’s face it, not every kid finds their love in conventional racing or in boats designed more than 50 years ago. Many tap out, but the good news is programs that offer new age fun alternatives are seeing their numbers grow and attrition rates decline. The O’Pen BIC has proven to be the perfect platform for this success.

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