The 2016 O'Pen BIC North Americans in Charleston SC was more than just a regatta, it was a family reunion of O'Pen BIC sailors from as far as Hawaii, California, Buffalo, and beyond.

2015 World O'Pen Bic Cup, Victoria, Australia

The 2015 World O'Pen Bic Cup was held at Safety Beach Sailing Club from the 27th of December till the 3rd of January. The regatta consisted of every type of wind strength possible, with the sailors experiencing days of 2 knots and 30+ knots throughout the week. It was a great event had by all! A massive congratulations to all of the competitors and also a special mention to all of the winners in their respective divisions.
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O'pen BIC World O'pen Cup 2014 - Travemünde, Germany


O'pen BIC World O'pen Cup 2013 Italy



O'pen BIC America's cup San Francisco 2013



World O'pen Cup 2012 - Miami, USA


World O'pen Cup 2011 - Ascona, Switzerland


World O'pen Cup 2010 - Martinique


O'pen BIC - Energized Sailing



Australian O'pen Cup 2010


World O'pen Cup 2009 - Medemblik, NL

World O'pen Cup 2008 - Carnac - France


O'pen BIC at full speed