Date-1st August 2017     Time – 9.00      Venue- Club Arco- Lago di Garda

1. Welcome by the President and registration of delegates

AUS – Roger Wadley
FRA – Bernard Helot
GER – Marcus Cremer
ITA – Laura Pennati
JPN – Claudio Capiglia
NEW ZELAND - Russel Coutts
POLAND – Patryk Kuczys-Lutomski - not member (not voting)
SPAIN – Liuis Fernandez - not member (not voting)
SMR – (proxy vote) delega Laura Pennati
USA –Helena von Sydow – not member (not voting)

Guido Sirolli President
Laura Segattini EC Member
Tregully Benoit Ec Member BIC Sport Rappresentative
Luigi Bertini Rules Advisor

All the 7 Equity Member (in bold) of the Class are present, plus 3 Countries not Equity Member yet and 3 Members of EC. The Assembly is well constitute and able to discuss and to deliberate the proposed Agenda. Guido Sirolli is nominated President and Marcus Cremer Secretary of the GA.

2. Report from the President of the Class
Guido Sirolli summarised the year so far and welcomed the progress being made with the development of the class and in the formation of new national associations in Spain and
Poland, in a few month Helena from USA , informs the GA could be constituted the USA NCA.

3. World Championship 2018
Sirolli presents the 2 bids received:
- Spain in the club Nautic Arenic – near Barcellona – from 4th 11th August or last week of July also possible. Never been there with the championship.

- Germany – Travemuende during Travemuende Woche (already hosted the worlds in 2014 – end of July – Track available – great media support with SUP

ITA -both very good. Ger already been and no doubts on the organization. SPA new place to be. Eurochallenge were good organized, prefer Spain, new country to be developed

JPN – both are ok

GER – prefer Travemunde, wide e strong organization

NZL – both are ok

USA – both are ok

POL – Prefer Spain, new country to be developed. Both good opportunity

AUS – Ger was very good in 2014, a bit difficult for kids on water for weather conditions and coach boat position too far. Prefer Spain it would be a new country too.

FRA - GER was well organized but we should give a new country the chance. Spain prefer

The GA after a short discussion deliberate unanimously to approve to have WOC 2018 in Spain from the 30th of July to the 4th of August 2018 in Club Nautic Arenys de Mar subject to:
- a visit in the hosting club to check if all the class requirements are present
- the acceptance the standard MoU and Event Manual of the class
The President of the class is entitled to verify the compliance on the above requirements with the support of BIC Sport Spain, and in case to sign the MoU with
the Club Nautic Arenys.

4. Euro Challenge 2018

The GA after a short discussion deliberate to have the 3 Eurochallenge Events in
- Germany - Travemunde
- Italy Garda Lake
- Poland, to be identify

5. Worlds 2019
Russell Coutts presents the candidature for New Zealand – Manly Sailing Club in Whangaparaoa, 45 minutes from Auckland, to host WOC 2019.

The GA after a short discussion, thanks Russell for the very interesting presentation and deliberate unanimously to approve to have WOC 2019 in New Zeland from the 30th of December to the 5th of January at Manly Sailing Club subject to the acceptance of the standard MoU and Event Manual of the class by the Organizing Authority. Benoit Tregully
confirms the support of Bic Sport for charter boats in NZ.

6. Class Rules
Jean Luc Michon, present at the Open Bic WORL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 as measurer, will present the application to become O’pen Bic Class International Measurer. Before this, the
President propose that Luigi Bertini, rules advisor of the class, and Marcus Cremer, EC Member, will collect the suggestions for changes to Class Rules. Any suggestions must be
sent directly and only to them and not copy to all other EC/Country Members. Luigi and Marcus will report to the EC and then to Country Members for final approval before submit
to WS Technical Committee. The GA approve unanimously this point.

7. Accounts 2016
Class Secretary Ceri Williams is not present due to personal issue, the President informs the GA he will send by mail the account for 2016 as soon he will receive the account.

8. Management of the Class
The President indicate his will to modify the role of the Secretary of Class. The Executive Committee will be involved on that proposal of change and will report to the Class Members.

Guido Sirolli informs the GA that the activities related the organization of the international events, the relationship with WS, and the role of Legal Representative the President will
continue to maintain his role supported by Luigi Bertini, Rules advisor of the Class.

The President indicate GA the opportunity and the necessity for the development of the Class, the implementation of present website that has to manage the entries from the regattas and the sail numbers too. The website class has to be on the full disposal and propriety of the Class. The GA approve unanimously the proposal for class website.

9. NCA Fees 2018

• BASIC Fixed NCA Fee 300€
• Additional Variable NCA Fee - based on number of members on the 31 December 2017
- Up to 50 2017 members 50€
- Up to 100 members 75€
- Up to 101 or more members 100€
• To be paid by the 30th April 2018 on OBCA Bank Account

Example: an NCA with 89 members on the 31 of December 2017 has to pay for Subscrition NCA Fees 2018 300€ Fixed + 75€ Variable= 375€

The plan is that the Class will manage the sail numbers from 2019 with a transition period during 2018. Bic Sport will produce sails without numbers. The Sail Number has to be
managed by the Web Class Site with 4 numbers reserving a certain numbers for chartered boat which will have sail numbers positioned by Bic Sport.

The Class approve unanimously the proposals of 2018 Fees and Sailing Numbers.

Meeting closed 10:35
President - Guido Sirolli

Secretary -  Marcus Cremer

Minutes in pdf